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Benefitting from its international network and extended organisational structure, Palmiye stands as a benchmark in the sector of outdoor covering systems. The Company offers a range of products and a high-level design that positions it among the leaders in the field.

Offering the best compromise between quality and price for outdoor covering systems, Loca is an up-and-coming company thanks to its rapid development in various world markets. This has been achieved through its solid structure and innovative strategies – elements that are the essence of representation.

Lugano Glass  is an internationally operating company and provides a wide variety of solutions and its own range of products.  Offering the best possible choice in glass closure systems, Lugano is able to meet any demand, need or expectation for any customer, anywhere in the world.

Greenline – the Italian company specialised in the development and marketing of products and technologies for fuel distribution systems is constantly in search of innovative solutions offering cutting-edge materials, mindful of greater awareness in usage.